Ostrava Zoo - nature within reach

zoo ostrava - New bear and langur exhibit!

Information from Ostrava Zoo

What else Ostrava Zoo offers its visitors?

  • about 350 animal species in 3000 specimens bred at area of 100 ha
  • children´s contact zoo, children´s playgrounds and attraction refreshments, train trip, souvenirs from zoo
  • barrier-free access to all pavilions, toilets for disabled people, elements for the blind

What you should not do at Ostrava Zoo?

  • Enter the grounds with dogs or other animals
  • Enter the area with toy balloons
  • Feed, disturb and tease animals. Feeding restrictions do not apply to pellets sold via vending machines and designed for selected groups of animals
  • Climb over rails and walk outside marked visitor paths
  • Move around with the use of bicycles, skates, skate-boards, scooters and ride-on toys

Opening hours

November, December, January
9,00 – 16,00

9,00 – 17,00

March, September, October
9,00 – 18,00

April – August
9,00 – 19,00